You want to work with a great team. One that will meet your project needs every time. Our well-rounded Designers, Engineers and Professionals excel in multiple areas across the product development spectrum. This means we adapt to a wide array of client needs. Both technical competence and cultural qualities assure you get results and a great working relationship.

With our breadth of professional disciplines all under one roof, we provide you with integrated, creative outcomes for your product needs. We’re here to assist you at any stage of product development from concept through production, and we collaborate with you to provide the best, holistic project solutions.


Our strong company culture is enhanced by qualities and expertise of each individual. Together we work to solve challenging problems and provide you with innovative ideas and deliverables that help you achieve your project goals. At SIGMADESIGN we are all dedicated to making you look good. At the heart of any SIGMADESIGN team member is a dedicated individual that has our core values internalized. This translates to a team that is ready to exceed your expectations. See more of our SIGMADESIGN Team on Instagram.


We’ve got a great mix of SIGMADESIGN-ers. Mix up some genius, a ton of experience, a whole lotta “let’s do this” attitude, and a heap of fun and you get a SIGMADESIGN team member. We’ve got a heck of a lot of great employees to help you with your project.