Drinks & Drones at Pendleton UAS - July

Kelly Oberst

Material Handler / Assembler

For the last five years, I've held various assembly positions working with different materials and in different environments such as aerospace production, gas and pellet stove assembly, and a fulfillment center. I am excited by this new opportunity and cannot wait to learn more!
Kelly Oberst   Material Handler Assembler

Questions & Answers

How do you make people laugh?

I try not to take anything non-job-related too seriously, I work with a great team who all know how to have a good laugh which makes the day go by so much quicker.

If you were a tool or piece of equipment, what would you be and why?

I would be a magnifying glass. They are very good at identifying problems, and with some luck they can also be used to identify the solutions.

What's your favorite productivity hack or time-saving trick?

One of my best time saving tricks so far is when preparing parts for our projects to do it several weeks out in bags in our stores whenever possible. It takes a decent bit more time in the moment but it will save me a lot of extra time down the road.