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Einar Boyovich

Inventory Control Coordinator

I've been with Sigma Design for the last 20 months and within that time I have come appreciate the team I work with. My background is in inventory management and working with the folks that support all aspects of inventory. As an ICC here at Sigma Design, I've had the opportunity to learn various new skills, such as purchasing and working with various purchasing groups on various levels. Learning new ERP/MES systems and how material is controlled throughout the process.

Customer service is key to the success of our team, which is challenging and satisfying all at the same time, providing the customer with what they want and when they want it. In addition developing new relationships with the customer has been a wonderful part of this whole process.

To sum it up, working with teams that innovate, challenge and keep pushing for new heights makes this journey enjoyable and rewarding. At the same time learning new skills along the way benefits both the customer and Sigma alike.
Einar Boyovich   Inventory Control Coordinator

Questions & Answers

How do you make people laugh?

There is a season for everything, laughing or being serious. I prefer to laugh and make others smile. If I can do that, it's a blessing and helps make our days a little easier. And even when it's serious, I hope to make things a little better with a smile, hello or how are you doing. It's a journey and I hope to make it a blessing for all if it's at all possible :).

If you were a tool or piece of equipment, what would you be and why?

A toolbox, I could hold all the tools required to complete a task and provide those tools when needed and have room for more tools if needed. In addition, I could make sure the tools are where they need to be and ready for the next task as needed. Supporting your team when needed as needed is as important as the tool being used, which shows working together as a team will help everyone to complete the task at hand.

What's your favorite productivity hack or time-saving trick?

Creating shortcuts to my desktop saves me time and gives me the ability to respond more quickly. This helps me keep track of my work and responsibilities, so I can focus more on the work at hand verses spending time trying to locate a task at hand.