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Heidi Noce

Project Manager

I've served various roles throughout my career as a Mechanical Engineer. I have industry experience in Aerospace design and manufacturing, new product introduction (NPI) of consumer-based products and hardware systems integration. I joined Sigma Design in 2021 as a Project Manager and thrive each day in a dynamic work environment that encourages support and collaboration among innovative professionals. I enjoy opportunities to work with product development teams and helping them succeed.
Heidi Noce   Project Manager (2)

Questions & Answers

How do you make people laugh?

I love to laugh. There's a variety of approaches I rely on in a given moment and typically go with instinct, but I have been known to pull a few pranks and throw in some sarcasm here and there.

If you were a tool or piece of equipment, what would you be and why?

I choose to be a photo finish camera. Because what better seat could you have when watching racing events such as track and field, swimming or horse racing? There are many types of finish lines I could choose to be at in any given season or sport so the opportunities would be endless. Plus, the anguish and thrill of the finish line represent so many life lessons such as being brave, being yourself, being honorable and patient.

What's your favorite productivity hack or time-saving trick?

Email gets out of control fast! I use a lot of filters in my inbox for automatic sorting into folders. I use the auto forward rule for when I'm out of the office to reduce the chance someone is waiting for me to respond. I spend extra time closing out items at the end of the day or week so they don't weigh on my mind when the work day is over.