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Jeremy Petty

Failure Analysis Engineer

I'm an innovative professional with extensive experience in technology development, system modeling, and materials research. I have a proven track record in project leadership, failure analysis, and cross-functional collaboration. I pride myself on my excellent communication and interpersonal skills, my ability to drive results and solve complex challenges. I'm proficient in various modeling software, computer programming, and have hands-on hardware experience.

As a Failure Analysis Engineer, my expertise lies in delving deep into complex problems to uncover root causes. With a background in physics, I bring a unique perspective to the field, enabling me to approach challenges from a multidisciplinary standpoint. I thrive on the diversity of issues encountered in failure analysis, leveraging my analytical skills and passion for problem-solving to identify solutions that drive continuous improvement and reliability.
Jeremy Petty   Failure Analysis Engineer

Questions & Answers

How do you make people laugh?

I tend to deadpan the absurd.

If you were a tool or piece of equipment, what would you be and why?

I would be an impact driver. It's the tool you never knew you needed and you're really happy you have.

What's your favorite productivity hack or time-saving trick?

Storyboarding and Rubber-ducking.