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The agriculture industry is broad and faces challenges such as labor shortages, changing weather conditions, plant diseases, weeds, and varying soil quality. All these challenges impact businesses within the industry that need solutions to adapt to these changing conditions.  

Sigma Design helps Ag Tech industries by integrating advanced tools such as precision farming, data analytics, remote sensing, and automation. We provide solutions that are as vast as the needs of the industry.  We help our Ag Tech customers improve their bottom line by providing efficient sustainable systems and assisting with the automation of machinery and processes.

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Access Specialized Talent for integrated expertise. With a deep roster of diverse talent, we are uniquely adaptive and well positioned to solve unique challenges specific to Ag Tech. Our team offers decades of design, engineering, test, and manufacturing experience to streamline every step of the process.

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Sigma Design can assist in Ag Tech with services including:

  • System Modeling 
  • System Design 
  • Design Engineering 
  • Prototyping 
  • Design and cost analysis 
  • Electronics 
  • IOT Sensing 
  • Build-to-print services 
  • Specialized manufacturing runs at low volumes (100s) 
  • Large manufacturing runs
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The conventional agriculture industry is experiencing a technological revolution, driven by agri-technology operations projected to reach $22.5 billion by 2025. The trend is compelling a growing number of ag-tech companies to design and implement agri-technologies to keep up with the changing landscape of the agriculture industry.

Agricultural technology continues to evolve rapidly, driven by the need for increased food production while minimizing environmental impact. These innovations can revolutionize traditional farming practices and contribute to more efficient, sustainable, and resilient agricultural systems. 

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