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Leverage Sigma’s comprehensive suite of engineering, prototype, and test capabilities to seamlessly navigate your aerospace projects.

We have the brainpower and the breadth of services to provide your team with a robust solution. And, to give you the confidence that you’ve found your people, we are JCP certified. 

Whether it be a new mechanism for landing gear or firmware to guide your device into orbit, we have you covered.  And when it's time to turn theory into reality, we don't just talk tech, we build it. Our prototyping capabilities are second to none, giving you the confidence to launch to the next step in your development. 



Five Axis Machining

Integrated Solutions

A piecemeal approach to deploying an array of vendors on your project is not ideal. We offer a complete package of engineering, testing, prototype, and assembly services to provide a more seamless flow and timely delivery.

Aerospace Cubesat

Joint Certification Program

JCP certification gives our clients the confidence to know that their data and IP are in good hands. We recognized a long time ago that confidentiality is a key aspect of the work we do. Because of this, we have developed many procedures to ensure the security of project data. In addition to being JCP certified, we're also ITAR and ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

Sigma Design 427

Dedicated Collaborators

At Sigma Design, we're more than just a team of engineers – we're your dedicated collaborators, ready to elevate your aerospace ambitions to new heights.

Find out how we can securely integrate, design, create, and solve for your unique challenges.