Drinks & Drones at Pendleton UAS - July

The world of consumer products is always changing, and the companies that win have two secrets: make awesome things and make them fast. From phones to drones, nothing stays the same year after year.  To succeed, companies aim to create innovative and high-quality products to ensure they reach the market faster than competitors. 


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Effective NPI

Effective NPI is crucial for success in the competitive consumer products industry. A strategic product development partner can turn your vision into a market-winning reality. Our expertise, efficiency, and guidance make a difference in all phases of product development. Though it can be a complex journey, we excel in helping clients navigate the path toward a successful product launch. We can help you with the solutions to get your there.

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Design Excellence

Design excellence stems from our deep bench of engineering expertise, including mechanical, systems, software, firmware, electrical, and industrial design engineers, all of whom have experience working with Fortune 50 companies. We work with many of the largest, most technology focused companies in the world.

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Manufacturing Process Excellence

  • DFM reviews as part of the design process 
  • Experience building prototype lines prior to transfer to the contract manufacturer (CM) 
  • Support for design and/or manufacturing transfer to CMs around the globe 
  • small to mid-volume manufacturing capability in-house 
  • established supply chain across a range of industries.

Overcome Challenges with Agility

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