Case Studies


Wireless Electrotherapy

At SIGMADESIGN, we are driven by the desire to innovate. Solace is a wireless electrotherapy treatment system that takes standard TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to a new level of convenience with unmatched treatment flexibility.

Most TENS systems require that a patient wear a belt or vest, or apply a single large treatment pad. Solace focuses treatment on the user’s unique needs.

We designed SOLACE to seamlessly integrate treatment, communication and analyzation into one simple to use system.

The mobile app allows control of multiple treatment zones, treatment intensities and durations. Treatment and survey data are automatically sent to one’s care provider for review which reduces the number of steps, and time it takes for information to be analyzed. The care provider can adjust treatments and upload new data for the patient.

The app also provides several avenues of near instant communication including video chat.

The single-use treatment pad and the re-chargeable puck snap together to create the physical side of the
treatment system.

Keeping the treatment pad small makes it easy to treat pain with pinpoint accuracy. It also allows control of user costs by letting the patient tailor the amount of coverage needed for their specific issue. Other cost reducing features include the small battery and ability to recharge after each use.