Tray labeling system

SIGMADESIGN was invited to design and build a print-on-demand, liner-less tray labeling system for Superior Tape and Label, LLC. Our team designed, built and delivered a labeling system that produces huge benefits to the business’ bottom-line. Additionally, the system supplies enormous benefits for the environment through material waste reduction and to the end-user through efficiency and ease of use.


Tray-Labeling System

Designed for the Commit-to-pack Environment

Traverse wound single-roll label supply

350,000 labels reduce roll changes to every few weeks.

Tray Sensors

Senses tray configurations and automatically stops the process if wrong tray or A/B sequence is used.

Key Points

  • Simple Installation Process
  • Application speed custom set to customer requirements
  • Modular design allows for easy system repair, replacement, and/or upgrade
  • Reduce inventory to one single label


Hi-Resolution Printer

Can upgrade as grocery scanners evolve to read smaller codes and Print-on-demand reduces inventory to one label.

In-Line Scanner

Print Quality Management (PQM) verifies scan-code quality real-time .

Web cutter cassette

Durable quick-change system

Applicator head set

Gentle pneumatic vacuum to pressure, vertical application