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Cadet APEX72


CADET has a long history of providing efficient and reliable zonal heat solutions. When they invited us to partner with them to develop a new heater, we jumped at the chance. Not only would this new heater define a market segment, it would also mark the first major design language departure in the company’s history.

“Working with SIGMADESIGN allowed us to shift away from steel and look to plastic for the Apex72 grill. That greatly simplified the build process for the heater and lowered the price.” Craig Peterson, Vice President of Engineering, CADET
Apex72 heater cover with hexagon

SIGMADESIGN blends a quality user experience, minimal visual impact, and airflow requirements of the heater to create the Apex 72. We took advantage of the design opportunity to incorporate a new cover mounting system. Existing CADET wall-mount heaters required a screwdriver to remove the cover for cleaning. The newly designed cover mounts using strong neodymium magnets that make cleaning a quick, tool-free process. The result is a clean heater cover with no visible fasteners.

side profile of Apex72 heater cover
"By partnering with SIGMADESIGN, we’re able to tap into more engineering expertise to greatly speed up new product development and expand into areas we wouldn’t be able to on our own.” Greg Klose, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CADET

Moving air intake and exhaust to perpendicular planes, we were able to maximize cooler inlet air from the wall surface through ports on the periphery of the heater while, simultaneously, projecting heated air directly into the room. Spreading inlet ports around three sides of the heater meant that we could achieve the needed air-flow volume while keeping a very low projected profile.

Stacked planes and a gentle arc minimize visual thickness and weight so that the Apex 72 integrates into a room rather than dominates it. Fine edge details complete the quality appearance that keep this heater design relevant for years to come in any decor.

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