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Cadet Acclimates


Efficiency is a hallmark of great design; efficiency in use, efficiency in process, efficiency in space. When we envisioned acclimates, efficiency was our top priority.

Ideal for both apartment dwellers and homeowners who may want to warm up an area of their home, acclimates delivers heat where it is needed without the cost of using the whole house heating system. Acclimates also provides heat for homes without built-in zonal units.


Using 4 small heaters in place of one large space heater not only offers unmatched flexibility in how you heat your space, it also creates the potential to have greater economies of scale and the ability to adapt to market demands. You can easily scale the number of heaters that are packaged as a set based on consumer feedback.

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Acclimates’ small, individual size makes it easy to incorporate into any space. No longer are you forced to have a single, loud space heater dominating your area. Acclimates willingly integrate into your life.