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Product Development

Challenges Accepted. Solutions Delivered.

There’s nothing quite like bringing a new and innovative product into the world. And at Sigma, we can help you do just that. From design, development, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing, we are fully equipped to help your organization succeed. With access to advanced technologies and tools, market insights, and diverse expertise, we are partners you can trust to get the job done.

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The right product development partner has a comprehensive mix of expertise, innovation, and the ability to handle the entire development lifecycle — from concept through production. At Sigma, we excel at handling technical, regulatory, and creative hurdles while prioritizing quality, compliance, and the protection of your intellectual property. This ensures your product stands out and complies with industry standards.

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We prioritize partnerships built on effective collaboration, cultural alignment, and the seamless merging of efforts towards shared objectives. Our approach is marked by the ability to scale and flexibly meet project demands, providing optimal product design and market positioning. Additionally, our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities streamline the move from prototype to production, significantly accelerating your product's journey to the market.

Product Development Services

  • Ideation
  • Market Analysis
  • Form Studies
  • Concept Sketches
  • Block Diagrams
  • Design
  • Mechanical Layout
  • Systems Interaction
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Detail Design
  • Schematics Layout
  • Firmware & Software Coding
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Test Validation
  • Life Testing
  • Custom Testing
  • Functional Performance
  • Line Tooling
  • Contract Manufacturing Support
  • First Articles Inspection
  • Prototyping

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