Project Management

As a manager, business owner, or inventor, you may not have the time or resources to drive your project forward. Many factors impact the success of a project. Our project management services help you move your project through each phase of the development cycle.

The Ultimate Guide

Why confide in SIGMADESIGN? We’ve managed projects for some of the world’s top brands. Our project managers are technical experts that speak “engineering” as well as budget and schedule.

How We do It

We let you focus on your business and our Project Managers take care of project details as an extension of your team. Our offerings include:

product definition

  • Requirements gathering and documentation – Our team will work with you to capture and refine the technical requirements for your project and fully document the content so both you and development team are in sync.
  • Project scope – We will break down the project into manageable phases and ensure that the project is organized for success.
  • Tradeoff Analysis – We will use engineering expertise gained over a vast array of industry to inform


  • Quick response to project changes and timelines
  • Weekly project updates and status reports
  • Facilitating engineer to engineer communication

Cost Estimates

  • Project cost estimates are based on defining the project scope and applying engineering experience.
  • Our project managers use their experience and leverage the technical expertise of our engineering and operations staff to accurately estimate the project costs, both time and direct material expenses. We strive to meet our clients’ specifications while also keeping the project costs within budget.
  • We use an internally developed project estimation tool and process that we have honed through our experience to capture the costs associated with your project.

Budget Tracking

  • Costs are tracked on a regular basis to make sure that expenses align with the defined project scope.
  • Together with our operations staff, we constantly monitor the expenses of the material ordered, fabrication and assembly costs, and the engineering time expended.
  • We inform our clients about budget adjustments during the course of the project. Our goal is to have no surprises upon completion.

Project Schedule and Work Streams

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  • We maintain a top level schedule in a format that can be readily reviewed and understood by the entire team and client.
  • Review schedule weekly in a meeting or conference call. This ensures regular communication about all aspects of project progress.
  • We apply the appropriate level of detail to the task breakdowns and milestones and employ a range of tools from Excel task or feature lists to more complicated Microsoft Project GANTT charts.
  • We adapt to the scheduling tools and formats requested by our clients in order to integrate with their business practices.
  • Detailed breakout of all project activities – Separating engineering disciplines into scheduled tasks provides better tracking of tasks, resources, dependencies, and critical path.
  • Team activities related to prototyping, test and build are factored into work streams.

Let us help you manage your next project.

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