An Experience in Cooperation

by John Schlottmann | Director of Business Development

SIGMADESIGN Supply Chain Management, Fabrication and Manufacturing expertise facilitates completion of Ziba project.

Ziba was in the final stages of completing development of the AccuFit Digital Measurement System.  The AccuFit ℠ System, developed for LensCrafters, was the first digital measurement system in the US and Canada.  The primary technology behind the system involved custom software and IT integration, but delivery system was equally important.

SIGMADESIGN and Ziba worked closely together to ensure that the transition to manufacturing was as seamless as possible.  To kick things off, SIGMADESIGN representatives traveled to LensCrafters headquarters in Mason, Ohio to meet with the LensCrafters executive team responsible for the deployment effort.  Because these units were being installed in retail stores and just a few feet from the consumer, pristine, consistent and quality fabrication were emphasized as the critical factors to the deployment effort.

The delivery system consisted of approximately 20 individual components, 8 different vendors, 7 fabrication processes and a variety of materials: aluminum, sheet metal, injection molded plastic, custom cut adhesive, and CNC machined plastic. The goal was to ship over 5,000 systems, in four months, to retail stores throughout Canada and the US.  This required coordination and collaboration within our extensive, trusted network of proven vendors.  Working closely together, SIGMADESIGN and Ziba ensured a seamless transition to manufacturing and deployment.

About the AccuFit Digital Measurement System

By digitally measuring the relationship between your eyes, face and frame, LensCrafters are more accurately able to place your prescription in your eyeglasses with 5x more precise measurements than manual methods.

All stores are now outfitted with LensCrafters’ new and exclusive AccuFit℠ Digital System at each eyewear consultation area—it represents a major investment by the brand and is something not previously available in LensCrafters stores.

The AccuFit℠ Digital System is:

  • One system, three platforms.
  • Five times more precise than the traditional, manual method.
  • Includes the LensSimulator for you to experience the benefits of each lens choice in a dynamic and interactive way.
  • Includes VirtualMirror, which enables customers to see how they look in multiple  frame styles.