Engineering without manufacturing?

Manufacturing in the USA has many advantages. Whether you are looking for prototypes, pre-production, low-volume or support for high-volume production, SIGMADESIGN can help. After all, what would engineering be without manufacturing? Our manufacturing facility in Vancouver, WA could be your solution.

Having a great product gives you pride. Having a great production process gives you profit. Supply-chain management, scheduling, inventory control, box builds, cable assembly, circuit assembly, prototyping, testing, new product introduction, packaging and shipping all are vital components of modern production.

At SIGMADESIGN we help you build an assembly process from the ground up – just as we do with products – so you know how you’re going to get your next big thing to the people who need it.


Supply chain management
Inventory Control
Turn-key Assembly
Box Builds
Cable Assembly
Circuit Assembly
New Product Introduction
Wordwide Shipping


For larger-scale, complex builds, we offer our manufacturing services at our manufacturing facility in the Portland-metropolitan area. It’s full of talented Engineers, Technicians, Operators and Support Staff all working together to provide U.S. manufacturing operations that support your production project.

Affordable resources, strong talent and good logistics make this a great place for electro-mechanical manufacturing projects. We work on a wide variety of products and we can adapt to your manufacturing needs.

We’re dedicated to local manufacturing

U.S. Manufacturing
Electro-mechanical production
Custom lines
Worldwide Shipping

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