Core Values: Help Clients and Each Other

At SIGMADESIGN we have a set of six Core Values that are the foundation on which the company is built. In the last issue of the SIGMADESIGN SATELLITE I talked about Integrity and what that means to us. In this issue I am going to expand on Help Clients & Each Other.

When most people see the six core values posted throughout the facilities, Help Clients & Each Other causes them to react with “Well duh, isn’t that your business?” Of course it is. At SIGMADESIGN, we are hired to design products for our clients. However, it also goes deeper than just getting the job done. The core value has a component of “how” and that is by helping. The task necessary to complete a job and to do it well may not be in your job description … but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. For example, if a shipment needs to get out and David is backed up packing hundreds of tools for a pick-up, it isn’t uncommon to see two or three folks from departments other than shipping roll their sleeves up and ask, “What can I do to help?” The priority is our client, not our job description. When attaining Engineering Success on behalf of our client requires us to step out of our job description, then that is what we do.

At SIGMADESIGN , if you go missing for three days we will close the facility down and everyone will be out looking for you.

Help Clients and Each Other also goes beyond work. We recently hired a consultant to re-write our Employee Manual. The first draft came back with a whole page dedicated to “job abandonment.” The gist of it was that if you didn’t show up to work for three days without notice that was grounds for dismissal. The consultant didn’t get it. At SIGMADESIGN , if you go missing for three days we will close the facility down and everyone will be out looking for you. Why? Because we care about our coworkers, and that leads us to want to help them!

When Help Clients and Each Other is lived out, the result is a team. A team in which the individuals are focused on the end result, the big picture– not just on their own personal achievements. It is with this team mindset that SIGMADESIGN sets out to partner with clients to help them achieve their greatest victories. Whether it be  designing a prototype or assembling the final product, we are all here to help. Engineering Success. It’s what we do.