Core Values: Integrity

I would like to take some time in sharing each of our core values and what they mean to us. These values are not negotiable and will give you a glimpse of what holds the growing SIGMADESIGN Team together. More than five years ago, we set our sights on becoming the leading product development firm in the Pacific Northwest and to have fun along the way. Today, we are well on our way to achieving that goal, but all of SIGMADESIGN’s achievements are based on our set of six core values. In sharing these with you, I would like to begin by taking a look at integrity.

Integrity – For me, integrity is more than mere honesty, although that is an extremely important component of it. I think true integrity is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are all in alignment. That’s the way we do business.

We hire with integrity. During the hiring process we try to assess each candidate’s personal integrity so that every new member of the SIGMADESIGN Team shares this core value. This shared sense of thinking, saying, and doing the right thing creates a work environment that is honest, accessible, and accepting. For our clients, our core value of integrity means that you will always hear the truth and know that SIGMADESIGN is a partner you can trust.

We work with integrity. Success in the product design cycle occurs when all members of the team are in alignment, working together to achieve a common goal. Whether the project requires a start-to-finish approach incorporating everything from industrial design through shipping or is a simpler, more straight-forward fabrication job, everyone works in alignment to get the job done and get it done right.

We create with integrity. With product design and engineering, the buck stops at functionality. It is of little value to our clients if we can design something astonishingly beautiful that can’t be engineered or manufactured. Our goal is integrity. We make it beautiful. We make it buildable. We make it work. Design, engineering and functionality – all in alignment.