Test Lab

The SIGMADESIGN Test Lab provides a broad range of testing services for both the product development process and for standards compliance.

During the product development process, test results and failure analysis yield product improvements and cost/performance optimization. As a product nears market, SIGMADESIGN ensures that the product will meet appropriate standards. These standards range from MIL-STD protocols to ANSI/ASTM/ISO/IEC standards. We also test to industry-specific standards such as SEMI or ISTA, or even your internal standards.

What We Do

Developmental testing
Pre-compliance testing
Protocol development R&D
and sustaining reliability
Test program management


SIGMADESIGN is accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for Testing/Calibration Laboratories. This accreditation comes from the assessment accreditation services body American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). SIGMADESIGN earned the certificate #6427.01 specifically for the Mechanical Field of Testing. The accreditation ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is important to industries with high-risk factors associated such as aerospace, medical and defense. This designation is a significant because SIGMADESIGN is 1 of only 2 accredited test labs in the Portland, Oregon metro area for general industry mechanical testing.


Utilizing our 2 decades of experience designing custom test fixtures and working with specialized resources, we can create a solution for virtually any need. We have worked in many areas with many different technologies:

  • Fatigue and Tribology: tooling and fixturing to customer requirements.
  • Shock/Vibration fixturing and testing
  • Complex instrumentation: photo detectors, accelerometers, anemometers, vision systems, thermal cameras, pressure/vacuum sensors, etc.
  • FMEA review/analysis
  • Validating FEA and CFD simulation
  • Testing Management: we will coordinate your entire test regimen using SIGMADESIGN + external resources.


  • Temperatures from -68 C to 700 C
  • Humidity from 5%-100%
  • Pressure to 7 Bar
  • Altitude to 15,000 meters (including explosive decompression)
  • Chamber sizes to 50 cubic meters
  • Universal test stands (+/-25kN, +/-10Nm Torque)
  • Free-fall and guided drop systems
  • Fatigue/Lifecycle testing
  • Custom shock/compression/tensile/impulse fixturing
  • Sine, random shock and mixed mode vibration test system (30kN, 0-2,600Hz)
  • ESD testing
  • Thermal cameras and thermal analysis
  • Acoustics: test, measurement and frequency analysis
  • Water overpressure and Ingress Protocol (IP) testing
  • GNSS/GPS Testing
  • Dataloggers (hundreds of channels)
  • Accelerometers
  • Custom test fixtures
  • Firmware testing

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Our experience was great, I did not expect the project to go so smoothly. I will refer all my future business to SIGMADESIGN.Lab Supervisor, Sportswear Company