Product Development

Fuzzy, Fast and Furious

We design, develop, and create new products for our clients that benefit their needs and customers. We love product development start to finish. With technologies, manufacturing processes, trends and markets continually evolving, we provide guidance for our clients to navigate a changing environment.

Design team partners

Working with SIGMADESIGN, you’ll get more than just a single expert, you’ll get a team.

Your project will benefit from the wide spectrum of inputs provided by our team of Industrial Designers, Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware, and Software Engineers. We take pride in the fact that all of our team members have expertise beyond their core disciplines.

Proven Process

While each product is unique, our proven product development process efficiently balances cost, scope, schedule and quality.

Product Development Cycle

Product Development

Market Analysis
Form Studies
Concept Sketches
Block Diagrams
Mechanical Layout
Systems Interaction
Mechanical Engineering
Detail Design
Schematics layout
Firmware & Software Coding
Functional Prototypes
Test Validation
Life Testing
Custom Testing
Functional Performance
Line Tooling
Contract Manufacturer Support
First Articles Inspection

IT's All About You

Client relationships make our jobs fulfilling. You’re why we’re here. SIGMADESIGN works globally so we can help wherever you are with your product development project.

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