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Albert Pion

Senior Firmware Engineer

I have been a real-time embedded firmware and electronics design engineer for over 30 years.  My experience is primarily in the medical, aerospace, and industrial control fields.  I have experience using several real-time operating systems, schematic captures, PCB layout programs, and test equipment.  My hobby is Amateur Radio, in which I have an "Extra" license.

Albert Pion2021

Questions & Answers

How do you make people laugh?

See my answer to the question about "What piece of test equipment do you relate to?".  Also, I like to re-word popular songs, a-la Weird Al Yankovic.

If you were a tool or piece of equipment, what would you be and why?

I don't really want to be a piece of test equipment, but if I had to pick one I would be an ESD probe, because I have an electrifying personality!

What's your favorite productivity hack or time-saving trick?

I like to use ChatGPT and other AI resourses to get quick answers to questions and sometimes to get code snippets.  Of course I always verify the correctness of these answers and sometimes I have had to correct ChatGPT, which it appreciates very much.  I have also found the Stack-Overflow website to be very useful.