At SIGMADESIGN, we design, develop, and create new printer products for our clients that benefit their needs and customers. Using HP’s FI-1000 print engine, we can create any custom solution to print on just about anything. As an HP SPS FI-1000 Development Partner, we can design custom printers or subsystems. We provide:

custom solutions

  • Custom industrial printers and print applications.

OEM support

  • We provide support as an OEM and to OEMs for building, testing, and shipping.

consulting & design

  • Engineering consulting for any sub-assemblies including the service station drive system.

application -adaptive Printing Solutions

Are you looking for a custom printing solution to move your business forward? At SIGMADESIGN, we developed this custom print solution in-house using the FI-1000. We have years of experience designing, building, and testing printers.

You dream the print application, we design and build it.

need a custom
print solution?

The size and flexibility of SIGMADESIGN’s engineering and design staff enables efficient product iterations at each phase of your project. Years of experience allows the creation of new printer products quickly.

Call us today to discuss your custom print needs.