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Employee Spotlight: Seth Pisaygnane

Seth Bridge Pedal

I am a lifelong learner, self-taught drone builder, RC monster truck driver, and outdoor enthusiast. I was born in Laos and moved to Vancouver, Washington as a young boy in 1981. I was only 12 years old when I moved here along with my 2 younger sisters and 3 younger brothers. My father wanted a better life for us and wanted to escape Communist Laos in 1975. My dad decided to move the family to Vancouver because his sister had already moved to the area in 1979.

At SIGMADESIGN, I work in the East Manufacturing Facility as an Assembly Technician. My main responsibilities are material flows, working on a specialized area of the production line, and providing process support working with Ops Engineers. Additionally, I set up torque on power hand tools per customer requests. I like to keep myself busy and always jump in and help moving product and process flow throughout the day.

My favorite part of working at SIGMADESIGN is in the interactions I have with team members. There is a great working environment at East Manufacturing where you really feel part of a team. Everyone works together and supports each other. I appreciate the professional attitude and I enjoy helping others and serving our customers.

For me, an interest in manufacturing began at an early age with my curiosity about how things work. After completing high school at Fort Vancouver H.S., I attended Clark College and worked/studied in the machine shop. In 1991, I began work at Hewlett-Packard as a test and repair operator. And in 1998, I began working with various electronics and semiconductor companies. I helped build a factory floor from the ground up, a pick and place system, and created a line for the production of printed circuit boards.

When I am not working, I enjoy time outside. I love to ride my mountain bike on trails around the area. I enjoy the Bridge Pedal in Portland (2015 was my first Bridge Pedal and this August 14th, 2016 would be my second going to be so much fun). I also get around via my electric scooter. From home, I sometimes ride it down to a nearby coffee shop. All of what I have are electric Traxxas monster Truck, E-maxx 4WD, Slash Short Course Truck 4WD, Axial Rock Racer Truck, 2-electric Drift cars, I have 4 Drones that build and learned to program flight controller board on 3 of the 4 drones.  My large drone name Matrix has Naza flight control make by DJI and it can lift 3 to 4 lbs. weight.

In addition, I enjoy training in Korean Martial Arts. Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art that was developed in the 1960s by Joo Bang Lee and his brother Joo Sang Lee. The name Hwa Rang Do is translated into “The Way of the Flowering Knights.” The art form has multiple areas of focus, including fighting techniques, weaponry, spiritual training, intellectual enhancement, and artistic pursuits. There are 108 different types of weapons, both hard and soft styles. This art can be used in fighting or healing. In this art I practice a form of meditation. This is useful in all aspects of my life. It has taught me to be patient and relax. I have found this useful in both my personal and professional life.

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