kitty mask made by sigmadesign

SIGMADESIGN Masks – Pattern and Instructions

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The SIGMADESIGN Soft Goods Team produced a design for our own “sneeze guard” masks. As production ramps up, we are distributing masks so employees who need to come to the office because of work requirements can wear them.  Thankfully, the team is making more than enough of these for everyone at SIGMADESIGN.

kitty mask made by sigmadesign

Many people (internal and external to SIGMADESIGN) have been inquiring about our masks, therefore we are making the pattern and instructions available publicly. Please note, the Sneeze Guard Mask is intended as a cough/sneeze guard only. It is not N95 rated, and will not filter. It should be used only in conjunction with Social Distancing.

At our headquarters, we have “kits” available at the front desk for our employees interested in sewing these at home to help the cause. We are not providing the completed “kits” for the public. Although, anyone is welcome to use the pattern and instructions to put their own kits and masks together. Once our employees complete the product at home, they bring the masks back into the office. Then, our team sanitizes them in our test lab ovens before distribution.

The masks require the following materials and tools and will probably take about 20 minutes each to complete. Once you have made a few, it probably won’t take that long.

Materials Required:

  • 2 Shell Pieces 100% cotton
  • 2 Lining Pieces 100% cotton
  • A 2” nose wire 18/2 CL-2 thermostate wire BR 50
  • 1 Toggle
  • 1 40” cord or elastic 3/32″ tactical cord

Tools Required:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Snips or Scissors
  • Seam Ripper (optional)

Wearing masks in combination with Social Distancing at work is proving successful for us at SIGMADESIGN.

If you would like more information, please contact us at

Stay well!

employees wearing sigmadesign masks

sigmadesign employees with masks

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