Image of Mindy Pinson

Mindy Pinson

Jordan Rousseau

I love working with graphs and huge excel sheets, and extracting the information we need. With my varied experience in clerical HR, accounting, and accounts receivable, I’m eager to jump in and get to work! BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The opportunity to constantly learn and grow! FIRST JOB: Burrito artist FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Watching/listening to comedy specials FAVORITE …

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Erin McDonald

Jordan Rousseau

I am a finance specialist with over two years of experience. I enjoy working on projects and creating something new and special. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Getting to meet new people and being part of an interesting business! FIRST OR ODDEST JOB: Wedding server FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Paddleboarding FAVORITE FOOD: Cheesy Bread FAVORITE BOOK OR MOVIE: Jane Eyre