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JT Lehman

Jordan Rousseau

I am a multidisciplinary engineer driven by a desire to find elegant, collaborative solutions to worthy problems. I’m experienced in design and delivery of complex devices, leadership of diverse teams, and process development. I prioritize integrity, relationships, and empathy. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Culture, smart people, and interesting projects. FIRST JOB: Farm hand FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Mountain running …

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Luke Jones

Andrea Cameron

I am a Mechanical Designer with 16 years of experience, ranging from aerospace applications to brewery system/equipment/process design and a little bit of everything else in between.  I truly enjoy being challenged with new and complicated concepts that I can model in 3D CAD and turn into something real.  Going forward I hope to continue expanding my knowledge and expertise …

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Varian Tan

Jordan Rousseau

I am an Engineering Manager with 16+ years of experience in the design engineering industry. I enjoy working with the team on project deliverables and expectations. I strive to make sure that projects are delivered in a timely manner, meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Cozy work environment and great co-workers. FIRST JOB: Working in …