Image of Sabrina Sandoval

Sabrina Sandoval

Jordan Rousseau

I’m an electrical engineer with experience in research, circuit design, prototyping, and program  management. I enjoy positions where I can use my communication skills and passion for teamwork to meet customer needs. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The work culture FIRST JOB: Hosing down tractors in a heavy equipment yard FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: It’s probably a tie between reading …

Image of Mike Coblentz

Mike Coblentz

Jordan Rousseau

I am an Electrical Engineer with 16 years of experience in embedded systems design. Though my background is primarily in aerospace/defense projects, I find I can apply the techniques and processes I’ve learned to our projects here. I’m always excited to learn new things and solve interesting problems, which is one of the highlights of working at SIGMADESIGN. BEST THING ABOUT …

Image of Eric Hamblin

Eric Hamblin

Jordan Rousseau

I am an Electrical Engineer with a solid foundation in digital systems design. I am a very driven individual with a strong desire to learn. I am excited to help clients’ visions become a reality. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The variety of work and amazing culture. FIRST/ODDEST JOB: First: Pizza cook. Oddest: Guitarist in pop-rock band. FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Spending time …

Image of Drew Davis

Drew Davis

Jordan Rousseau

I enjoy solving real world problems using complex math and science, so five years ago I decided to move away from the Music industry and start a new career as an engineer. BEST THING ABOUT WORKINGN AT SIGMADESIGN: Interacting with and learning from the most talented professionals in the field of engineering. FIRST JOB: Bag Boy at Safeway FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Enjoying life …