Image of Michael Burdette-Clark

Michael Burdette-Clark

Jordan Rousseau

I have been machining for over 15 years. Safety and precision are my first two personal requirements. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The rest of the crew. FIRST OR ODDEST JOB: Mowing lawns FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Golfing FAVORITE FOOD: Steak FAVORITE BOOK OR MOVIE: Too many to list

Image of Clayton Lightfoot

Clayton Lightfoot

Jordan Rousseau

I have been a CNC machinist for several years, working with many different types of materials. I really enjoy making something from a plain piece of metal that turns out to be totally awesome. I take pride in my work and the parts that I make. I enjoy working as a team; comradery is a good thing when working for …

Image of Dan Farrar

Daniel Farrar

Jordan Rousseau

I am a CNC Machinist with over 10 years of experience.  I have experience troubleshooting and maintaining electrical distribution systems as well as the programming, setup and operations of various CNC lathes and mills.  At SIGMADESIGN I am responsible for programming and machining in support of the Engineering Department developing CNC programs for mills based on engineering drawings and models. BEST …

Image of Emmanuel Dickerson

Emmanuel Dickerson

Jordan Rousseau

I am a machinist with 2 years of experience. Overcoming confusing projects with a team is always a fun challenge. I always want to continue growing my skills and pushing the limits of my field. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Working with a team of motivated and knowledgeable people in a fast paced environment FIRST JOB: Dishwasher at Hometown Buffet FAVORITE …

Image of Eric Frentress

Eric Frentress

Jordan Rousseau

I am a car guy who likes making cool stuff. Always learning new skills so I can keep making things better. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Learning new skills, and a fun team. ODDEST JOB: Paintball Referee FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Hiking & every other outdoor activity FAVORITE FOOD: Tacos FAVORITE MOVIE: Sahara

Image of Marco Sanchez

Marco Sanchez

Jordan Rousseau

I have worked in many fields over the years, including designing, manufacturing, logistics, and networking. I love to solve puzzles and troubleshoot problems. There is always something new to learn. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Getting the opportunity to learn and grow in a new field. FIRST JOB: Bagging Groceries. FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Playing music FAVORITE FOOD: Hawaiian. FAVORITE BOOK: Dune.