Image of Scott Tietz

Scott Tietz

Jordan Rousseau

I am a Quality Inspector with over 30 years of Quality and Manufacturing experience. I enjoy the process of a product being designed, machined, inspected, and delivered to a satisfied client. I strive to communicate, learn and grow. FIRST JOB: Worked for YCC at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Being a city kid, I learned about nature from some very …

Image of Kassi Morgan

Kassi Morgan

Jordan Rousseau

My background is in scheduling and logistics. I enjoy making sure projects and production are on track to be on-time and accurate every step of the way. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Joining a team passionate about their work. FIRST OR ODDEST JOB: Book shelving at the local library. FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Riding my horse and hiking with my …

Image of Kristina Fang

Kristina Fang

Jordan Rousseau

I have 10 years of experience as a Quality Control Inspector, and worked my way to Quality Control Technician over the last 5 years. I enjoy working with the operator, CNC Operator and Engineering to insure quality expectation. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: I believe that Sigma is a great place to work. I’m grateful to be on the …

Image of Clayton Lightfoot

Clayton Lightfoot

Jordan Rousseau

I have been a CNC machinist for several years, working with many different types of materials. I really enjoy making something from a plain piece of metal that turns out to be totally awesome. I take pride in my work and the parts that I make. I enjoy working as a team; comradery is a good thing when working for …

Image of Hector Escobar

Hector Escobar

Jordan Rousseau

I am a University of Oregon graduate, where I studied Product Design and Business Administration. I helped start a small machine shop company in Eugene, Oregon that has expanded from a 2200 square foot building into a 6600 square foot building in less than five years. I dedicate a lot of attention to craftsmanship while researching how objects are created …

Image of Josh Tuttle

Josh Tuttle

Jordan Rousseau

I have 10 years’ experience in refined metal fabrication and design, focusing on the healthcare industry and Mid-Century modern inspired products and home goods. I’m proficient in reverse engineering, machine operations, and project management. Currently, I am also studying Mechanical Engineering, disruptive design, CADD and material science. I’m excited to be a part of the SIGMADESIGN team and to continue …

Image of David Patterson

David Patterson

Jordan Rousseau

I am a welder with 12 years of welding and welder training experience. I enjoy being part of a team to solve problems and create products. I hope to build my manufacturing skills and become and integral part of the team. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The community FIRST JOB: US Navy FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Playing D&D FAVORITE FOOD: …

Kyle Rule CNC Machine Operator

Kyle Rule

Andrea Cameron

Since I was young I’ve always had a passion for making things in order to solve problems for others. I enjoy working with a team where everyone brings something to the table, because collective knowledge is the key to innovation. Most importantly, I strive to empower others to learn and grow as an everyday problem solver. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING …

Image of Ethan Lehman

Ethan Lehman

Jordan Rousseau

I am a machinist, and I have been working in this industry since 2016. I love to learn new things, and I take pride in being a team player! BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Being able to learn something new every day I work! FIRST JOB: Salesman at Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Playing golf FAVORITE FOOD: …