Image of Bill Huseby

Bill Huseby

Jordan Rousseau

My experience spans over 30 years in the mechanical and product development sector. As the “Captain” of SIGMADESIGN, I’ve enjoyed the 20+ year journey of transforming a small mechanical engineering group into an award-winning product design firm. I am proud of the fantastic team I have that supports our clients in taking any project or idea from concept through production. BEST …

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Doug Hill

Jordan Rousseau

I have 30 years of experience in management and sales.  I joined SIGMADESIGN  in 2000, as the Director of Business Development and have worn many hats over the years as we continued to grow.   I currently oversee operations at SIGMADESIGN and help create and implement our strategy. Read my Employee Spotlight here. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Without a doubt it is …

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Joby Easton

Jordan Rousseau

With an unstoppable curiosity for how businesses work (or not) I’ve spent my career focused on sales and marketing and business development. Having spent a fair amount of time in Europe and Asia, understanding the different business styles globally has lead to some of my biggest growth opportunities both personally and professionally. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The variety of …

Image of Rachelle Hutchens

Rachelle Hutchens

Jordan Rousseau

I came to SIGMADESIGN with a Recruiting and Account Management background. I have worn many hats in my time at SIGMADESIGN, including Marketing, Management, Business Development, and Human Resources. As Vice President of Human Resources, I enjoy being part of a team that influences the strategic direction of the company; making sure that we’re a place that people want to …

Image of Shawn Hartmann

Shawn Hartmann

Jordan Rousseau

I have 22 years of tooling and machine design experience.  I relocated to Singapore in 2007 to open and head up  SIGMADESIGN’s Singapore office.  I enjoy working with our diverse clients in Asia. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMA: Being a part of the incredible growth of a great company. FIRST JOB: Working on an apple farm in New Jersey. FAVORITE …

Image of Lindsey Dotson

Lindsey Dotson

Jordan Rousseau

As a the Vice President of Engineering & Corporate Functions, I direct several key teams at SIGMADESIGN including all Engineering discipline, Business Technology, Finance, and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) group. With 21 years of experience and expertise spanning motion controls, embedded systems, firmware architecture, Agile development processes, and ERP Software, I am skilled at digging into problems to uncover …

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Matt Cameron


As a Mechanical Engineer and through my work at SIGMADESIGN, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects. That diversity of work is what attracted me to SIGMADESIGN in the first place and it remains as one of the most interesting aspects of my work. As I’ve moved from Engineer to Manager to my current position as VP …