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Seth Pisaygnane

Engineering Technician

I am a Tech Specialist with 30 years of Production Manufacturing experience to SIGMADESIGN, where I am a Assembly Technician. I am a team player at every level of services and mostly love helping clients to accomplish their goals. I strive to maintain a high and fast standard of my quality of work. I am an open minded individual and constantly learning and improving myself to grow and evolve with new and better technology.

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BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The best thing about working at SIGMADESIGN is that it feels like home. The culture SIGMADESIGN upholds, the knowledge individuals bring to the table and the core value are why I standby with SIGMADESIGN.

FIRST JOB: Working at Burger King

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Hiking, Biking, E-skateboarding,video games, and rollerskating.

FAVORITE FOOD: Thai food, Chinese food, I like to try all types of food.

FAVORITE MOVIE: All action movies, Japanese animation movies.

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