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Ryan Hussey

Control Systems Engineer

I am a Controls Engineer with an industrial automation background. I enjoy deep diving into the processes involved and developing streamlined solutions. Tackling a complex issue by segmenting it down into compartmentalized pieces has always been rewarding both inside and out of the office.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Automating the Future. Being surrounded by bright and passionate individuals fosters such innovative space. It is invigorating to come in and see what we will solve next, and how.

FIRST JOB: Custom Electric Vehicle Designer

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Brewing cider. Disk Golf. Tropical scuba diving, warm clear water only please.

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Thai

FAVORITE BOOK OR MOVIE: Books: The Wheel of Time, anything by Brandon Sanderson. Movie: The Princess Bride

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