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Roe Dyer

MFG Engineering Technician

Senior Engineering Test Technician with 25 years of engineering/usability test experience from a manufacturing and product design background. Key knowledge in arenas of prototype build/test, test development and setup, coordination, build instructions, data collection, and training. Passion lies in the application of methodologies spanning Kaizen, Lean, Theory of Constraints,  Deming/Shewhart SPC and PDCA, Six Sigma, Moore Cycles, and more.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMA:  It’s a local engineering and design technology firm where I can get my geek on.

FIRST JOB:  Rebuilding a home in small sections so owner could avoid paying for a building permit in Cordova, Alaska.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Music – playing guitar, singing, listening, going to concerts.

FAVORITE FOOD: The natural home grown beef and vegetables from our family farm – we raise ’em – we eat ’em.

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark

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