Image of Rayn Brock

Rayn Brock

Continuous Improvement Manager

I have over 20 years in manufacturing and fabrication. I am a multi-faceted team player that brings high energy and a diverse skill which allows me to accomplish tasks safely, successfully, in the most cost-effective and efficient means to meet customers’ needs.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMA: The collaborative efforts to deliver amazing solutions to our customers.

FIRST/ODDEST JOB: My first job was a dishwasher. My oddest job was a blast furnace technician.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: My kids and their activities, as well as being a musician.

FAVORITE FOOD: I’m Italian, and love to cook great food. Mexican is a close second.

FAVORITE BOOK/MOVIE: Star Wars, the original 3. Big Lou of M.C. Escher