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Rachelle Hutchens

VP of Corporate Functions

I came to SIGMADESIGN with a Recruiting and Account Management background. I have worn many hats in my time at SIGMADESIGN, including Marketing, Management, Business Development, and Human Resources. As Vice President of Corporate Functions, I enjoy being part of a team that influences the strategic direction of the company; making sure that we’re a place that people want to work, and that our employees are satisfied and want to be here.

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BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMA: Such a great work environment and fantastic people.

FIRST JOB: Hostess at a local restaurant. No better way to learn good customer service like being in the restaurant industry.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: During cold months, watching movies. During warm months, hiking.

FAVORITE FOOD: Dark chocolate. No question.

FAVORITE BOOK: Harry Potter series narrated by Jim Dale

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