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Lindsey Dotson

VP of Engineering & Corporate Functions

As a the Vice President of Engineering & Corporate Functions, I direct several key teams at SIGMADESIGN including all Engineering discipline, Business Technology, Finance, and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) group. With 21 years of experience and expertise spanning motion controls, embedded systems, firmware architecture, Agile development processes, and ERP Software, I am skilled at digging into problems to uncover the best solutions. I lead teams with technical leadership to deliver well-developed, high-performing, and tested results. As the co-inventor of 3 US patents including Energy Monitoring for Laser Micro-machining, Motion Profiling, and Defect Identification on Laser Micro-machined Part, I’ve found success in leveraging my expertise to innovate creative solutions and solve both complex engineering and business problems.

My education in Computer Engineering led to a career path navigating positions as an Engineer, Director of SW & FW Engineering, Director of Business Technology, and as VP of Corporate Functions. Varied experience and expertise heightened my ability to solve a wide range of problems which intersect engineering and business solutions.

Most recently, I uncovered my passion for solving business problems using technologies like ERP software. Deciphering complex problems and identifying ways to streamline and optimize business processes that cover multiple areas of business while ensuring accurate financial impacts motivates and inspires me. As Director, I have the privilege of leading and working with talented teams to bring solutions to life.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: You just never know what you’re going to do next!

FIRST JOB: Sandwich Artist

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Outside adventures of all kinds and international travel

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything from a juice bar or food cart


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