Image of Kyle Loucks

Kyle Loucks

Mechanical Engineer

A lifetime of mechanical curiosity tailored an engineer that doesn’t blindly trust institutional assumptions and strives to defy the norm and excite the observer through the mind’s ingenuity and the hand’s execution. The majority of my talents have gone to helping those in need through the design and development of novel medical implants and surgical techniques. The rest of my experience is a shotgun distribution of complex injection molded transmissions and sheet metal assemblies to finely crafted furniture.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMA: Complex problems, limited restriction, and waterfalls of innovation.

FIRST JOB: Farm hand.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY:  Windsurfing, making sawdust, and hanging out underneath cars.

FAVORITE FOOD: Goldfish Crackers

FAVORITE BOOK: The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley