Image of John Stellpflug

John Stellpflug

CNC Lead Programmer

I am a CNC machinist and programmer with over 25 years experience manufacturing parts and assemblies for a variety of industries, primarily electronics and aerospace. When presented with a new project, I use my knowledge to interrogate prints and CAD for appropriate tolerancing to match fit and function of assemblies. If necessary, I work with engineers to make adjustments, and offer solutions for simplicity and clarity. This eliminates errors, and often is a cost-saving benefit. Then I build a process that controls and ties together critical features, limiting possibilities for variance due to “operator error.” My goal is to make a part that works as intended the first time, without the need for rework or further engineering revisions. My motto is “the pixel stops here.” When an idea has come through the design and engineering process, it is exciting to see it sculpted from a chunk of material and become a real thing.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: This is a group of people that are here to do what they love.

FIRST JOB: Dental Assistant for my father when we helped set up a clinic in Bolivia.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Gardening, especially trees like olives that aren’t supposed to grow here.


FAVORITE MOVIE: Late 80’s Jackie Chan when he starts to be funny, and does stunts like jumping out of a mountain to land on a hot air balloon.

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