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John Nenadic

Mechanical Engineer

I’ve been a Mechanical Engineer since January 2000 and have experience ranging from Machine Design to Consumer Product Design. I am also a “hands on” Engineer with a background in machining, wood working, welding, and sheet metal fabrication. I strive to find the simplest solution that solves the problem at hand.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Working on a wide variety of projects with really talented people.

FIRST JOB: Ground Crew at the old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Air Shows.  This entailed holding back WWI aircraft with original rotary engines while simultaneously plugging my ears to block the deafening sound, and trying not to breathe in too much of the burnt castor oil that is emitted from them.  Then running alongside the aircraft when they land, ready to grab a wing or tail to straighten them out, because they have no brakes and no way to steer once they slow down.  Also setting up pyrotechnics for the air shows.  Fun stuff!

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Flying, making stuff, radio controlled models, hiking.

FAVORITE FOOD: Burgers, ice cream, Italian food, breakfast food….

FAVORITE BOOKS and MOVIES: Books – pretty much all the Tom Clancy novels, Movies – the Band of Brothers series.

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