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Dina Kalmbach

Director of First Impressions

I have had the honor of being the Director of First Impressions since 2015.  My background includes many years of customer service, accounting, and office management across Import/Export, Medical, and Construction industries.  I have a degree in Design and I’m fascinated by all the cool things we produce.  In working for SIGMADESIGN I have utilized everything I’ve ever learned and I continue to learn every day.  I work in Corporate Functions on the Finance Team as an A/P specialist and I help the rest of the team with anything they need.  My goal is to always be helpful to  our customers, vendors and employees and to continually show them how important they are to me and to SIGMADESIGN.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: The people I get to work with and the work I get to do.  I truly love my job and my coworkers.

ODDEST JOB: My oddest job was doing bookkeeping for a reptile importer. You never knew what had escaped its cage and was on the bookshelf behind you!

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY:  Watching movies, any kind of movies.  I used to go to the movies as a kid, by myself, and see the same movies over and over again.  I love to read, and my books are my treasures.  My husband and I love watching animals.  We both have Animal A.D.D.  Look! Squirrel!

FAVORITE FOOD or DRINK: Spaghetti Arrabbiata, the spicier the better, paired with a nice bottle of Zinfandel.

FAVORITE BOOK:  The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

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