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Dan Meyer

Mechanical Design Engineer

Since my 3rd year of college, I have worked in large corporations and small family owned companies designing printers, print heads, winches, test equipment, and electronic probes. I most enjoyed the work that I did on printers in a small company that required me to fill many roles of the development process. I am confident in my design abilities, and look forward to developing the softer skills of getting to know the customer/user and understanding his or her needs and wants.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMADESIGN: Variety of interesting projects, working with a lot of other engineers, learning about different industries.

FIRST JOB: Roaming after hours janitor- cleaning a chemical plant that made muratic acid (so dusty), a TV station, a bank.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Winter- cross-country skiing, summer- biking, fall- Oktoberfest

FAVORITE FOOD: Pasta Verdi with sausage


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