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Chanse Abrams

Mechanical Designer

Expert knowledge of GD&T with which I have assisted a multinational information technology company develop its internal standards and practices. I have around two decades of Mechanical Design experience with a couple years of permitting in the Civil Engineering field for utilities as well as space planning. My latest and growing experience is as a Junior Software Engineer.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMA: Working with a good group of people.

FIRST JOB: Helping out the family business from diesel mechanics to general labor.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Wakeboarding, motorcycles, rock concerts, Comic Cons, and video games.

FAVORITE FOOD: Mexican (Taco Tuesdays)  and Italian cuisine, and usually rum and sprite or vodka and cranberry or Arnold Palmer.

FAVORITE BOOK/MOVIE: Enjoy reading comics, Stephen King, Stephen Hunter and Dan Brown. Up to watch about any type of movie.

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