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Bill Huseby

Special Advisor

My experience spans over 30 years in the mechanical and product development sector. I am a special advisor to SIGMADESIGN, and as the former President and CEO, I  enjoyed the 20+ year journey of transforming a small mechanical engineering group into an award-winning product design firm. I am proud of the fantastic team that supports our clients in taking any project or idea from concept through production.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT SIGMA: The “can do” attitude of the folks that work here.

FIRST JOB: My first job was making and selling party ice to friends and neighbors. I probably made a nickel for every dollar my folks paid to keep the freezer running.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Sailing of course. Mainly racing. If it floats and has a sail, I’ll race it.

FAVORITE FOOD: I like variety. I like travelling so that I can experience a lot of different foods.

FAVORITE BOOK/MOVIE: “Dove” by Robin Lee Graham.

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