Realize Your Visualization & Computation Ideas

A SIGMADESIGN LabVIEW Architect or Developer is the perfect partner to help you realize your ideas. We can assist you with enhancing your existing LabVIEW applications or developing a custom system designed around your particular needs.

LabVIEW is more than a graphical programming language. SIGMADESIGN uses LabVIEW to help your "what-if's" become reality.

As you probably know, LabVIEW is short for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench. In this programming environment we create applications using a graphical notation. You may have heard about LabVIEW deployment on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, but would it surprise you to know that LabVIEW can run headless on a chip or replace traditional programmable logic controllers (PLC's) by running its own Real-Time operating system?

What We Do With LabVIEW

Embedded Design Applications
Control Systems Applications
--Measurement Control
--Aerospace Control
--Biomechanical Control
--PC-based Monitoring and Control
Test Systems
--Test Vehicle Monitoring Systems
Custom View Data Analysis


When you work with our LabVIEW developers, you get complete solutions with input from our team of in-house team of engineers and other professionals. For example, if you need a new user interface (UI) the LabVIEW team works with our Industrial Design team to develop a visual experience that turns complex, abstract data into a human-readable, easy to follow display.


National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner

SIGMADESIGN is proud to be a National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner. For you, this means you can be confident that we:

  • Exhibit expertise in selecting and recommending NI products – both hardware and software.
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of NI products for relevant applications and industries.
  • Have Certified LabVIEW Developers and/or Architects on staff.


The National Instruments Alliance Partner Network is a group of independent, third-party companies that provide engineering consultants with expertise in graphical system design. As an alliance partner, SIGMADESIGN will provided you with:

  • Expertise in training and consulting for LabVIEW and NI Hardware products
  • Faster Solutions with our industry and application proficiency.
  • Certainty that your product adheres to NI certifications and industry standards.
  • NI product knowledge such as embedded control, electronic design, vision, RF and wireless.

You know what you need. We can help you get there.


Whatever you are trying to accomplish, we can create a custom system that achieves your goals. Below are some of the things we’re doing using LabVIEW:

  • Updating code for a monitoring and device control system that integrates an NI CompactRIO, CAN, and on-board tablet PC’s.
  • Creating pure software visualization and measurement tools.
  • Designing a PC-based test measurement and instrument control application for an aerospace application.
  • Creating a PC-based monitoring and control application for biomechanical research.

Learn more about how we can help you using LabVIEW.

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