on-site resources

Your problem-solving partner

A specialized consultant such as an Engineer, Technician, Designer or Drafter can be hard to find. SIGMADESIGN will help you get the support you need with our on-site consulting services. With your direction, we’ll place a consultant in your office for any amount of time you need ranging from days to months to years. A flexible, collaborative and problem-solving partner offers you an ideal solution to help you move your project forward.

You can leverage our expertise and experience to help you accomplish your project needs with a SIGMADESIGN on-site consultant. We’ll customize consultant services according to your project duration, responsibilities, outline scope, deadlines and budget.

You could benefit from using one of our consultants if you need:

  • Help from an Engineer, Technician, Designer, Drafter or Project Manager temporarily (from days to months to years)
  • Consulting in your own office with your own team members
  • Extra resources to meet your project deadlines
  • Assistance with procurement and supply chain
  • Extra expertise that won’t permanently affect your overhead

SIGMADESIGN on-site consultants include any professional you need for product development. We offer Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware, Software Engineers, Technicians and Testing Professionals at your location. On-site consultants can help drive your product development life-cycle.

Currently, our on-site consultants are providing services at client locations for engineering and prototyping capabilities. Locations include: Vancouver, WA; Portland, OR; Corvallis, OR; Palo Alto, CA; and Singapore.

We’re a one-stop shop for product design and development, engineering and manufacturing. If your needs change, you can tap into the resources you need from our comprehensive capabilities spanning concept through production.

What we do

SIGMADESIGN offers several options
for solving your staffing needs:
--On-site Resources
--Direct Placement

Need Help? Call us!

For more information contact Juan Jimenez, Director of On-Site Resources
360-693-2600 ext.243, jjimenez@sigmadzn.com or info@sigmadzn.com
For more information, download our PDF about On-site Resources at SIGMADESIGN.