2nd Generation

SIGMADESIGN has a strong culture of community. We believe in helping those around us. This devotion to community led us to design 2nd Generation.

2nd Generation is a tool to deliver electricity, quickly and efficiently, to remote areas affected by disaster. In those cases, 2nd generation can be deployed to power small, community based aid centers.


Portable, vehicle-powered generator



Each generator is easy to move and takes up much less space than an equivalent generator with an on-board gasoline engine.

Alternative Power source.

Vehicles are almost everywhere. As long as the drive wheels are available and the engines run, they can potentially be used to generate power.


Most vehicles have more horsepower than your typical generator, allowing 2nd Generation to produce more power (kilowatt output).

Fuel capacity.

Vehicle fuel tanks hold much more fuel than a typical portable generator. This allows the generator to run for a longer period of time between fill-ups.


The proximity of the engine to the fuel tank on portable generators makes refueling dangerous and requiring a cool-down period before safely refueling.

Unlimited Applicatons

Law Enforcement

Easy to Deploy

Roll each 2nd GENERATION to the desired location

Set rollers for size of tires

Set brace width based on vehicle track width

Attach brace to lug and secure with pins

Lock roller to allow vehicle to drive on

Drive vehicle on and unlock roller to begin

Technical Details

Roll each 2nd GENERATION to the desired location

Length (Extended): 55.00”
Length (closed): 46.00”
Width: 24"
Height: 10.42"
Weight: 101 lbs.
Tire size range: 22” - 37”
Output (kilowatts): 8kw each
Output (volts): 120v - 240v
Overload protection: Circuit breaker
Primary Drive: Gear
Operating temp range (Deg. F): 20F - 120F

Wheels for transporting