Case Study Capabilities and values

SIGMADESIGN Capabilities

What does SIGMADESIGN do? What makes SIGMADESIGN the right choice for you? These questions and more are answered in this video. Watch to learn more about SIGMADESIGN’s capabilities.

Case Study Accufit

AccuFit System

The AccuFit System, developed for LensCrafters, was the first digital measurement system in the US and Canada. The primary technology behind the system involved custom software and IT integration, but the delivery system was equally important. SIGMADESIGN collaborated with Ziba Design to ensure that the transition to manufacturing was as seamless as possible.

Wearable Device Tester

Wearable Device Tester

Using a custom-designed machine to ensure your design will thrive is imperative to product success. SIGMADESIGN Engineers can design test machines that put your specific item through its paces.

Cadet Apex72

Cadet Apex 72

REDEFINING ZONAL HOME HEAT CADET has a long history of providing efficient and reliable zonal heat solutions. When they invited us to partner with them to develop a new heater, we jumped at the chance. Not only would this new heater define a market segment, it would also mark the first major design language departure in the company’s history.