self check in case study

Self Check-in System

At SIGMADESIGN, we provide innovative product development solutions from concept through production. As a product development firm working on many innovative products that we cannot share because of client confidentiality, we’d like to share a product that we developed for our own use in response to COVID-19: an automated check-in system. This custom system ensures the safety of hundreds of …

Case Study Capabilities and values

SIGMADESIGN Capabilities

What does SIGMADESIGN do? What makes SIGMADESIGN the right choice for you? These questions and more are answered in this video. Watch to learn more about SIGMADESIGN’s capabilities.

solace concept with app


At SIGMADESIGN, we are driven by the desire to innovate. Solace is a wireless electrotherapy treatment system that takes standard TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to a new level of convenience with unmatched treatment flexibility.

case study light speed


The LIGHTSPEED TANGO Aviation Headset is the first premium aviation headset to combine wireless innovation with exceptional noise cancellation and unmatched comfort.

Cadet Apex72

Cadet Apex 72

REDEFINING ZONAL HOME HEAT CADET has a long history of providing efficient and reliable zonal heat solutions. When they invited us to partner with them to develop a new heater, we jumped at the chance. Not only would this new heater define a market segment, it would also mark the first major design language departure in the company’s history.

Cadet Acclimates

Cadet Acclimates

Efficiency is a hallmark of great design; efficiency in use, efficiency in process, efficiency in space. When we envisioned acclimates, efficiency was our top priority.

2nd generation

2nd Generation

2nd Generation is a disaster relief tool. It can deliver electricity quickly and efficiently to remote areas affected by disaster. The 2nd Generation can be deployed to power small, community based aid centers.

case study

Meagan Medical

At SIGMADESIGN, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a complete and integrated solution for our clients. Our friends at Meagan Medical, Inc ask for our help in bringing a new pain management device to the market. We designed this product from the ground up.