self check in case study

Self Check-in System

At SIGMADESIGN, we provide innovative product development solutions from concept through production. As a product development firm working on many innovative products that we cannot share because of client confidentiality, we’d like to share a product that we developed for our own use in response to COVID-19: an automated check-in system. This custom system ensures the safety of hundreds of …

Case Study BLE

BLE Security

Security of an embedded application is addressed by protecting the major attack vectors susceptible to the device. The highest risk attack would be an imposter mobile app taking control of the embedded device and corrupting or activating it. A secondary risk is knock-off device imitating the original device.

Case Study Motion Control

Motion Control

For this project, the client needed help with the development of an embedded controller for a wearable electronic device. The device is controlled by a small form factor permanent magnet brushed DC motor and operates from a single battery cell. The controller needed to fit within a small size appropriate for a wearable device and needed to include a motor …