Case Study Capabilities and values

SIGMADESIGN Capabilities

What does SIGMADESIGN do? What makes SIGMADESIGN the right choice for you? These questions and more are answered in this video. Watch to learn more about SIGMADESIGN’s capabilities.

Case study printrayce


SIGMADESIGN was invited to design and build a print-on-demand, liner-less tray labeling system for Superior Tape and Label, LLC. Our team designed, built and delivered a labeling system that produces huge benefits to the business’ bottom-line.

O2 Sensing Circuit

O2 Sensing Circuits

Medical advances such as pulse oximetry have been around for decades, but recent improvements in these tools increases the ability to provide better healthcare. SIGMADESIGN provided design, electrical and firmware engineering services for a client requiring the enhancement of a pulse oximetry device.

case study

Meagan Medical

At SIGMADESIGN, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a complete and integrated solution for our clients. Our friends at Meagan Medical, Inc ask for our help in bringing a new pain management device to the market. We designed this product from the ground up.